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Think positive. You move toward what you focus on - make sure your thoughts are dominated by what you want.

Inventory your skills. When we're struggling, we tend to think about what we're lacking. Emphasize your strengths!

Listen to successful people. Don't take advice from someone who isn't going anywhere. Seek out mentors.

Learn to sell. Selling is simply effective communication. Successful people know and understand this key concept.

Like millions of Americans, you may be struggling to make ends meet. A sputtering economy has left many people wondering what happened to their seemingly secure job, and simply trying to survive.

In what's supposed to be the Land of Opportunity, there doesn't seem to be much going around these days. Meanwhile, the bills keep coming and families still need to be supported... it can become overwhelming very quickly.

However, while the media tends to focus on distressing stories, the fact remains that some industries continue to thrive despite the deteriorated market. In fact, some industries thrive because of recessions. These are called 'recession-proof' industries.

If you're looking for a safe bet for yours and your family's livelihood, you should seriously consider a career in one of these industries.

We believe in developing sales and marketing skills.
In a down economy, starting a career in sales may be the best option for riding out the storm and laying the foundation for an abundant future. The top three reasons to consider learning sales:

In Demand

Sales are the driving force of any business. A company simply cannot survive unless they are engaging in transactions and generating cashflow. If sales ability is on your resume, many doors will open for you.


Once established as a producer, a salesperson is able to enjoy freedom and flexibility of schedule. In sales, your job is to generate income... and as long as you do, most companies allow you to create your own schedule.

High Income

Statistically, sales and marketing professionals are the highest earners on average in today's business world. It's not easy work, but the lasting rewards are well worth the time and effort.

Is a career in sales and marketing right for you?

How would you like a job that lets you be your own boss? How would you like to determine how much money you can make in your first year on the job? How would you like a career that lets you learn something new every single day? That's what a career in sales can offer you.

Some choose sales for the independence. For others, it's the income potential (getting paid what you're worth). Sales professionals ultimately have more control of their lives, personally, professionally and financially.

Every company has a salesperson, even if it is the company owner. As famous salesperson and national motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, once said, "Nothing happens until someone sells something." As a salesperson, you are in the enviable position to make something happen. Understanding the basics of selling provides you with a skill set that you need for every aspect of your career that follows.

Finding the right sales position.

The best companies will train new salespeople. When interviewing for a sales position, always ask about the training program. A good training program will include hands-on coaching, as well as easy access to the product you're selling.

Ideally, you want to work with a company that provides a sense of entrepreneurialism - the ability to earn a 'cut of the action' on the volume you generate. Profit sharing is a nice reward for the hard-work you'll be putting in learning and leading sales.

Further, it's a good idea to work with a product or service that is simple and easy to talk about. People tend to by things they understand. And you'll find confidence in a product that can be easily explained.

Remember, the entire economy doesn't grind to a halt during recessions. There are opportunities out there for people who are willing to work hard and commit to an opportunity. Good luck!